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The INKASS Information Ontology for Knowledge Asset Trading

Andreas Abecker; Sylvio Tabor; Ralph Traphöner; Jasmin Franz; Wolfgang Maaß; Wolf-Christian Eickhoff
In: Proceedings of WI-2003. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI-2003), 6. - Medien - Märkte - Mobilität, September 17-19, Dresden, Germany, 2003.


The overall objective of the INKASS ("Intelligent Knowledge Asset Sharing and Trading") project is to develop an intelligent Internet-based marketplace of knowledge assets. More specifically, the project aims: To develop and validate intelligent agent-based and ontology-enabled knowledge trading tools for facilitating automatic transactions in the marketplace and supporting semantic mappings between sellers' provisions and buyers' needs. To develop and validate and exploid the INKASS system as an electronic marketplace for knowledge assists European SMEs in meeting their knowledge needs in specific business management and engineering ares. At the core or our technological approach stands a comprehensive metadata frames is determined by the INKASS Information Ontology which is discussed in its first version of this paper.