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A Tentative Design Model for Smart Products

Wolfgang Maaß
In: Proceedings of Workshop on Design of Smart Products, Furtwangen. Workshop Design of Smart Products, March 23, Furtwangen, Germany, Pages 23-36, Research Center Intelligent Media, 2007.


Smart products are hybrids of physical products and information products that leverage cheap and wireless information and communication technologies. Currently different kinds of smart products are proposed and tested under various umbrellas, such as Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence. With increasing maturity of these technologies, it will be required to better understand design methods for smart products that can be rigorously applied and used for system evaluation. In this article, we outline a tentative design model for smart products that integrates various design levels into an homogeneous model. This design model is discussed on the basis of three systems that qualify as smart products. As a result it will become clear that the systems only partially use rigorous design models but are more based on implicit design principles which opens up a new field of research.

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