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Carrier Model for Semantically Annotated Information Goods

Wolfgang Maaß; Wernher Behrendt; Aldo Gangemi
In: Petra Schubert; Daniel Risch (Hrsg.). Proceedings of CollECTeR Europe 2006. Collaborative Electronic Commerce Technology and Research (CollECTeR-2006), Basel, Switzerland, Pages 79-88, Vol. 10, ISBN 3-9810394-1-6, Citeseer, 6/2006.


Sharing and trading of information goods requires efficient and effective means for search and evaluation of the content carried by the information goods. The hurdle to overcome is the information paradox according to which, information goods obtain qualities of experience goods. This article describes an approach how ontology-based semantic annotations of infor-mation goods might reduce this paradox. At the centre of this approach is a generic container model called knowledge content object (KCO).