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A Projection-Based Interface to Involve Semi-Immersed Users in Substitutional Realities

André Zenner; Felix Kosmalla; Marco Speicher; Florian Daiber; Antonio Krüger
In: 2018 IEEE 4th Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality (WEVR). Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality (WEVR-2018), 4th, March 18, Reutlingen, Germany, IEEE, 3/2018.


Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to experience Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs) in a multi-sensory fashion and is about to make its way into many different fields. Becoming an everyday technology, VR has the potential to transform entertainment at home, professional work in the office, and also the way users engage in everyday sports activities. The concept of Substitutional Reality (SR) maps a virtual onto a real environment and enables users tophysically interact with IVEs, which allows for an increased feeling of presence. While most previous work focused on providing the VR user with a realistic and highly immersive VR experience, bystanders in the real environment are often not involved. In this paper, we introduce a projection-based system to involve bystanders in the virtual experience, by projecting the virtual environment onto the registered, physical counterpart. Using controllers, the system allows bystanders to interact with the IVE and to perceive the virtual environment in a semi-immersive way. We further present a case study where we applied the system in a substitutional reality climbing scenario and discuss potential application areas.


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