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Smart Wheelchairs

Serge Autexier; Tim Laue; Christian Mandel
In: Pablo Federico Diez. Smart Wheelchairs and Brain-computer Interfaces. Chapter Smart Wheelchairs, ISBN 9780128128923, Elsevier, 5/2018.


This article studies current and recent developments in the field of smart wheelchairs. Beside a wheelchair-centered overview on state-of-the-art approaches in self-localization, path planning, and obstacle avoidance algorithms, more user-centered topics such as user interfaces for special needs, and current application scenarios are addressed. Side by side to the results of the scientific community, we present developments that have been conducted in this area at the University of Bremen, and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence. At both institutions, the Bremen Autonomous wheelchair Rolland has been used as a research platform in the computer science field, preferably in collaboration with user groups, e.g. at the rehabilitation center for neurological diseases, Stiftung Friedehorst.


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