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Towards a Standardised Linguistic Annotation of Fairy Tales

Thierry Declerck; Kerstin Eckart; Piroska Lendvai Laurent Romary; Thomas Zastrow
In: Gerhard Budin; Thierry Declerck; Laurent Romary; Peter Wittenburg (Hrsg.). LREC10-W4 - Language Resource and Language Technology Standards - state of the art, emerging needs, and future developments. LRs and LT Standards, located at LREC 2010, May 18, Valetta, Malta, Pages 60-63, ELRA, Paris, 5/2010.


In our contribution to this workshop we propose incorporating standardized linguistic annotation in semantic resources of the cultural heritage domain, more specifically in the field of fairy tales. Although there are computational resources relevant for research in this area, these currently do not include linguistic annotation. We think here in particular to the The Proppian fairy tale Markup Language (PftML, see Malec, 2001), which is an annotation scheme that enables narrative function segmentation, based on hierarchically ordered textual content objects, but lacking linguistic information. We propose an approach to enrich PftML with standardized linguistic annotation, and so to support interoperability of linguistic information when it comes to combine it with annotation structures used in the eHumanites studies.