Sparse and Adaptive Sampling in Scanning Electron Microscopy

Tim Dahmen, Patrick Trampert

In: Microscopy and Microanalysis Microscopy and Microanalysis. 25 Issue s1 (Proceedings of CISCEM 2018 - the 4th Con Pages 29-30 Cambridge University Press 2/2019.


In scanning electron microscopy, a focused electron beam scans over the specimen, such that an image is acquired row-by-row (raster scan). In order to improve image quality beyond the limits dictated by electron statistics, information from other sources than the detector, prior knowledge, must be included in the imaging process. Depending on the nature of this prior knowledge, acquiring the image row-by-row with constant dwell time per pixel is not optimal and other acquisition strategies can result in superior results. In the following, we give an overview of sparse and adaptive scan patterns and corresponding reconstruction algorithms for electron microscopy.

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