Easy2Go Intelligent trip recommendation system

Linglong Meng, Stefan Schaffer

In: Proceedings of the ITS European Congress 2019. ITS European Congress (ITS Europe-2019) located at 13th June 3-9 Eindhoven Netherlands online 2019.


Easy2Go [1] is a seamless multimodal mobility service through a pay-as-you-go solution supported by EIT Digital. In this paper, we present Easy2Go’s intelligent trip recommendation system, an optimised commuter data-based routing service that can be used to learn the actual usage of the traffic system and to automatically create trip recommendations including or avoiding information about frequently used routes. Utilizing transport mode detection technology, we are able to collect commuter route data, from which our system leverages crowd knowledge by machine learning. Our system combines machine learning with a classical routing service to provide an improved trip recommendation. The underlying functional concepts of the overall system is presented as well as details about the used machine learning algorithm.

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