Consistency Checker – An automatic constraint-based evaluator for housing spatial configurations

Hardik Arora, Jessica Bielski, Viktor Eisenstadt, Christoph Langenhan, Christoph Ziegler, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Andreas Dengel

In: V. Stojakovic , B. Tepavcevic (editor). Towards a new, configurable architecture - Proceedings of the 39th eCAADe Conference - Volume 2. Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe-2021) September 8-10 Novi Sad Serbia CUMINCAD 2021.


The gradual rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increasing visibility among many research disciplines affected Computer-Aided Architectural Design (CAAD). Architectural deep learning (DL) approaches are being developed and published on a regular basis, such as retrieval (Sharma et al. 2017) or design style manipulation (Newton 2019; Silvestre et al. 2016). However, there seems to be no method to evaluate highly constrained spatial configurations for specific architectural domains (such as housing or office buildings) based on basic architectural principles and everyday practices. This paper introduces an automatic constraint-based consistency checker to evaluate the coherency of semantic spatial configurations of housing construction using a small set of design principles to evaluate our DL approaches. The consistency checker informs about the overall performance of a spatial configuration followed by whether it is open/closed and the constraints it didn't satisfy. This paper deals with the relation of spaces processed as mathematically formalized graphs contrary to existing model checking software like Solibri.


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