Concepts and issues in interfaces for multiple users and multiple devices

Christian Kray, Rainer Wasinger, Gerd Kortuem

In: Workshop on Multi-User and Ubiquitous User Interfaces (MU3I) at IUI/CADUI. Workshop on Multi-User and Ubiquitous User Interfaces (MU3I) IUI/CADUI Madeira Portugal Pages 7-12 2004.


In this paper, we identify and discuss several groups of issues thatrnarise in the design of interfaces for multiple users interacting withrnmultiple devices. We analyze in what ways these interfaces differrnfrom traditional single-user single-device interfaces, and identifyrndifferent characteristics of interfaces. We categorize a possible setrnof device types that may exist in an environment, and then discussrnthe fundamental issues that have to be addressed when designingrnmulti-user multi-device interfaces. The focus is on user andrndevice management, technical concerns and social concerns, andrnsome of the topics discussed include coordination, assignment,rnsharing, load-limits, coverage, privacy concerns, and userrnalienation.

German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz