Managing Collaborative Business Process Lifecycles with Peer-To-Peer Technology

Dirk Werth, Philipp Walter

In: Laszlo Monostori , Elisabeth Ilie-Zudor (editor). Proceedings of the MITIP 2006. International Conference on The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial Enterprises (MITIP) Pages 185-191 9/2006.


Business process lifecycle management is established for the continuous improvement of business processes within an enterprise. However, the concept could also be applied to enhance collaborative business processes spanning over multiple enterprises. In contrast to the intra- organisational case, lifecycle management of cross-organisational collaborative processes imposes several organisational and technological challenges that result from the multiple-independent-actors-environment of collaborations. This paper focuses on these challenges and presents a conceptual solution for the different phases of this lifecycle. This concept has already been integrated into a prototypical software environment, that supports networked enterprises in the lifecycle management of collaborative business processes and that is presented in this paper.

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