ConTag: A Semantic Tag Recommendation System

Benjamin Adrian, Leo Sauermann, Thomas Roth-Berghofer

In: Proceedings of I-MEDIA' 07 and I-SEMANTICS' 07 International Conferences on New Media Technology and Semantic Systems as Part of (TRIPLE-I-2007), September 5-7, Graz, Austria. International Conferences on Knowledge Management and New Media Technology (I-MEDIA) Pages 297-304 JUCS Online-Proceedings 9/2007.


ConTag is an approach to generate semantic tag recommendations for documents based on Semantic Web ontologies and Web 2.0 services. We designed and implemented a process to normalize documents to RDF format, extract document topics using Web 2.0 services and finally match extracted topics to a Semantic Web ontology. Due to ConTag we are able to show that the information provided by Web 2.0 services in combination with a Semantic Web ontology enables the generation of relevant semantic tag recommendations for documents. The main contribution of this work is a semantic tag recommendation process based on a choreography of Web 2.0 services.


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