Integration of Prosodic and Grammatical Information in the Analysis of Dialogs

Walter Kasper, Hans-Ulrich Krieger

In: Günther Görz , Steffen Hölldobler (editor). Proceedings of the 20th Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence. KI-96: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, September 17-19. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI) Dresden, Germany Pages 163-174 Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 1137 Springer Verlag 1996.


The analysis of spoken dialogs requires the analysis of complete multi-sentence turns. Especially, the segmentation of turns in sentential or phrasal segments is a problem. In this paper we present a system for turn analysis. It is based on an extension of HPSG grammar for turns and takes into account extra-linguistic prosodic information. We show how this information can be integrated and represented in the grammar, and how it is used to reduce the search space in parsing.

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