Towards a Virtual Echocardiographic Tutoring System

Gerd Reis, Bernd Lappé, Sascha Köhn, Christopher Weber, Martin Hering-Bertram, Hans Hagen

In: Lars Linsen , Hans Hagen , Bernd Hamann (editor). Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences. Pages 99-119 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) ISBN 978-3-540-72629-6 (Print) Springer 2007.


Three integral components to build a tutoring system for echocardiography are presented. A mathematical time-varying model for vessel-representations of the human heart, based on cubic B-Splines and wavelets facilitating the extraction of arbitrarily detailed anatomical boundaries. A dedicated ontology framework the model is embedded into enabling efficient (meta-)data management as well as the automatic generation of (e.g. pathologic) heart instances based on standardized cardiac findings. A simulator generating virtual ultrasound images from instances of the heart transformed into isotropic tissue representations.


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