AgentSteel: an agent-based online system for the planning and observation of steel production

Sven Jacobi, Cristián Madrigal Mora, Esteban León Soto, Klaus Fischer

In: AAMAS Industrial Applications. International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS-2005) July 25-29 Utrecht Netherlands Pages 114-119 ISBN 1-59593-093-0 ACM 2005.


The steel production of the German company Saarstahl AG, a global respected steel manufacturer, represents a Supply Chain which comprehends several time-critical and highly interference susceptible processes. Therefore, flexibility, robustness and fast reorganisation are indispensable requirements on a system responsible for the planning of production inside this Supply Chain to ensure acceptable costs and retain their respected position on this market. In this paper we present an agent-based generic solution for the planning and observation of the complete production process inside the steelwork Völklingen of Saarstahl AG. The presented system calculates solutions for given daily target schedules - based on the concrete orders by the customers - by a combined distributed online planning and scheduling algorithm, and, additionally, performs the observation of its realisation. Moreover, the presented real-time multiagent system supports the reorganisation after operational faults in this high dynamic context by suggesting new solutions to the responsible conductor.

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