Annotating Wall Street Journal Texts Using a Hand-Crafted Deep Linguistic Grammar

Valia Kordoni, Yi Zhang

In: Nancy Ide , Adam Meyers (editor). Proceedings of the Third Linguistic Annotation Workshop. Linguistic Annotation Workshop (LAW) located at ACL-IJCNLP 2009 August 2-8 Singapore Singapore ACL 2009.


This paper presents an on-going effort which aims to annotate the Wall Street Journal sections of the Penn Treebank with the help of a hand-written large-scale and wide-coverage grammar of English. In doing so, we are not only focusing on the various stages of the semi-automated annotation process we have adopted, which we are also viewing from the perspective of the developments in the creation of linguistically annotated corpora that have marked the field of corpus and computational linguistics in the last two decades, but we are also showing that rich linguistic annotations, which can apart from syntax also incorporate semantics, ensure that the treebank which will be created at the end of the annotation process is guaranteed to be a truly sharable, re-usable and multi-functional linguistic resource.


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