Porting a traditional dialectal Dictionary into a computational Lexicon: The Example of WBÖ

Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Thierry Declerck

In: Proceedings of the X International School on Lexicography «Life beyond Dictionaries». International School on Lexicography (ISL-13) Life beyond Dictionaries September 12-14 Florence Italy Pages 416-418 Ivanovo State University Ivanovo 9/2013.


The Diciionaty o fBavarian Dialects in Ausfria (Wörterbuch der bairischen Mundarten in Osterrejch (WBO)) is a traditional dialectal dictionary (project funding in 1911). Since 2012 the dictionary is available as online version (simple ebook). In 2013 the authors of this paper started to rethink it in a non-traditional way with the focus to open it for further research questions and to render it 1) “operational“ for certain corpus linguistic tasks and 2) for supporting search in a semantic framework, like the Linked Open Data infrastructure (see

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