Wissensbasierte Konfiguration von Mobilitäts-Assistenten

Martin Rink, Bernd Krieg-Brückner

In: VDE e.V. (editor). Zukunft Lebensräume Kongress 2016 (ZL 2016). Zukunft Lebensräume (ZL) Zukunft Lebensräume Kongress 2016 April 20 Pages 201-206 ISBN ISBN 978-3-8007-4212-7 VDE Verlag Berlin 4/2016.


Different mobility assistants are configured for end-users with a variety of age-related medical impairments. Based on formal modelling with ontologies in OWL-DL, the individually adapted configuration is automatically deduced from the assessment of specific abilities by logical inference. This is achieved by modelling the interrelation of user-oriented impairments and abilities with the specific assistance functionalities provided by the devices, and their hardware and software components. Complexity is mastered by appropriate abstraction and differentiated qualitative grading, with a high degree of precision.

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