The CloudFlow Infrastructure for Multi-Vendor Engineering Workflows

Havard Heitlo Holm, Volkan Gezer, Setia Hermawati, Christian Altenhofen, Jon M. Hjelmervik

In: International Journal on Advances in Internet Technology (IntTech) 10 1&2 Pages 23-35 IARIA 7/2017.


In this paper, we present the CloudFlow Infrastructure, which aims to provide an independent platform for engineering workflows, leveraging both cloud and high performance computing. Each workflow can combine software from different vendors, promoting interoperability through open standards, and easy access to data and compute resources. Here, we focus on the technological uniqueness of the infrastructure, and how it can be used in real world applications. We also describe how high performance computing and remote desktop applications easily are integrated in cloud-enabled workflows. The infrastructure provides an easy-to-use platform for software providers to offer their software in the cloud and get access to a new distribution channel. At the same time, small businesses get pay-as-you-go access to advanced multi-vendor software solutions that will improve their products. The platform, together with integrated software, is successfully validated by engineers using CloudFlow in their daily work.


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