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  1. Andrea Kohlhase; Milena Reichel

    Social Tagging and Learning: The Fuzzy Line between Private and Public Space

    In: Nikos Karacapilidis (Hrsg.). Novel Developments in Web-Based Learning Technologies: Tools for Modern Teaching. Chapter 11, Pages 199-210, Advances …

  2. Andrea Kohlhase; Michael Kohlhase; Christoph Lange

    Dimensions of Formality: A Case Study for MKM in Software Engineering

    In: Intelligent Computer Mathematics. International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge Management (MKM-10), located at CICM, July 8-10, Paris, …

  3. Mihai Codescu; Till Mossakowski; Adrian Riesco; Christian Maeder

    Integrating Maude into HETS

    In: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology. International Conference on Algebraic …

  4. Marco Franke; Patrick Klein; Lutz Schröder

    Ontological Semantics of Standards and PLM Repositories in the Product Development Phase

    In: Alain Bernard (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 20th CIRP Design Conference 2010. CIRP Design Conference (CIRP Design-2010), Global Product Development, …

  5. Rajeev Gore; Clemens Kupke; Dirk Pattinson; Lutz Schröder

    Global Caching for Coalgebraic Description Logics

    In: Jürgen Giesl; Reiner Haehnle (Hrsg.). Proceeding of the 5th International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning. International Joint Conference …

  6. Andrea Kohlhase

    Towards User Assistance for Documents via Interactional Semantic Technology

    In: Conference Proceedings of KI'10. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI), September 21-24, Karlsruhe, Germany, IEEE, 2010.

  7. Andrea Kohlhase; Michael Kohlhase; Christoph Lange

    sTeX+ - A System for Flexible Formalization of Linked Data

    In: Proceedings the 6the International Conference on Semantic Systems. International Conference on Semantic Systems (I-Semantics-10), September 1-3, …

  8. Andrea Kohlhase; Michael Kohlhase

    What we understand is we get: Assessment in Spreadsheets

    In: Proceedings of the EuSpRIG-Conference 2010. European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group (EuSpRIG-10), July 15-16, Greenwich, United Kingdom, …

  9. Maksym Bortin; Christoph Lüth

    Structural Formal Development with Quotient Types in Isabelle/HOL

    In: 10th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation (AISC 2010). International Conference on Artificial Intelligence …

  10. Michael Kohlhase; Johannes Lemburg; Lutz Schröder; Ewaryst Schulz

    Formal Management of CAD/CAM Processes

    In: Ana Cavalcanti; Dennis Dams (Hrsg.). Formal Methods. International Symposium on Formal Methods (FM-09), 16th, November 2-6, Eindhoven, …