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  1. Peter Hevesi; Ramprasad Chinnaswamy Devaraj; Matthias Tschöpe; Oliver Petter; Janis Nikolaus Elfert; Vitor Fortes Rey; Marco Hirsch; Paul Lukowicz

    Towards Construction Progress Estimation Based on Images Captured on Site

    In: EAI IndustrialIoT 2020 - 4th EAI International Conference on Industrial IoT Technologies and Applications. EAI International Conference on …

  2. Antonio Bucchiarone; Martina De Sanctis; Peter Hevesi; Marco Hirsch; Francisco Javier Royo Abancens; Pablo Fernandez Vivanco; Orkhan Amiraslanov; Paul Lukowicz

    Smart Construction: Remote and Adaptable Management of Construction Sites through IoT

    In: IEEE Internet of Things Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 3, Pages 38-45, IEEE, 9/2019.

  3. Towards Automatic Semantic Models by Extraction of Relevant Information from Online Text

    In: IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing. International Conference on Smart Computing (Smartcomp-2019), June 12-14, Washington DC, DC, …