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  1. Carsten Ullrich; Paul Libbrecht

    Educational Services in the ActiveMath Learning Environment

    In: S. Salerno; M. Gaeta; P. Ritrovato; N. Capuano; F. Orciuoli; S. Miranda; A. Pierri (Hrsg.). The Learning Grid Handbook: Concepts, Technologies and …

  2. Paul Libbrecht; Erica Melis

    Methods for Access and Retrieval of Mathematical Content in ActiveMath

    In: Nobuki Takayama; Andres Iglesias; Jaime Gutierrez (Hrsg.). Proceedings of ICMS-2006. International Congress on Mathematical Software (ICMS), LNCS, …

  3. Paul Libbrecht; Christian Gross

    Experience Report Writing LeActiveMath Calculus

    In: Jon Borwein; William Farmer (Hrsg.). Proceedings of Mathematical Knowledge Management 2006. International Conference on Mathematical Knowledge …

  4. Martin Homik

    Assembly Tool

    Deliverable, Vol. D37, 6/2006.

  5. Erica Melis; Giorgi Goguadze; Martin Homik; Paul Libbrecht; Carsten Ullrich; Stefan Winterstein

    Semantic-Aware Components and Services of ActiveMath

    In: British Journal of Educational Technology, Vol. 37, No. 3, Pages 405-423, Wiley Blackwell, 5/2006.

  6. Paul Libbrecht

    Enhanced Dictionary

    Deliverable, Vol. D15, 2006.

  7. Paul Libbrecht

    Copy and Paste Facility

    Deliverable, Vol. D26, 2006.

  8. S. Manzoor; Paul Libbrecht; Carsten Ullrich; Erica Melis

    Authoring Presentation for OpenMath

    In: Michael Kohlhase (Hrsg.). Mathematical Knowledge Management: 4th International Conference, MKM 2005, Bremen, Germany, July 15-17, 2005, Revised …

  9. Erica Melis; Ruimen Shen; Jörg Siekmann; Carsten Ullrich; Fan Yang; Peng Han

    Challenges in Search and Usage of Multi-Media Learning Objects

    In: Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2006.

  10. Carsten Ullrich; Eric Andres; Philipp Kärger; Erica Melis; Marianne Moormann

    Tutorial Component

    Report (Deliverable), LeActiveMath Consortium, LeActiveMath, Vol. D24, 2006.