Mobile Product Customization

Sven Gehring, Markus Löchtefeld, Johannes Schöning, Dominic Gorecky, Peter Stephan, Antonio Krüger, Michael Rohs

In: Adjunct Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI-2009) 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems April 4-9 Boston MA United States ACM 2010.


Many companies are using the web to enable customers to individually customize their products that range from automobiles and bicycles to CDs, cosmetics and shirts. In this paper we present a mobile application for product customization and production within a smart factory. This allows the ad hoc configuration of products at the point of sale (POS). We investigate human factors when customizing products while interacting with them. We focus on the concept of the mobile client that enables this ad hoc modification, but also present the production chain behind our product. We believe that this particular 3D interaction with a product and a mobile device help to improve the customer satisfaction as it allows for customizing a product in an easy and intuitive way. From a CHI perspective an important aspect is that our mobile augmented reality interface can help to match the costumers expectations with the final modified product and allows the most natural and intuitive interaction. As a use case of the system, we present the modification of a soap dispenser.


MobileProductCustomization.pdf (pdf, 5 MB)

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