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  1. Stephan Baumann; Majdi Ben Hadj Ali; Andreas Dengel; Thorsten Jäger; Michael Malburg; Achim Weigel; Claudia Wenzel

    Message Extraction from Printed Documents: A Complete Solution

    In: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition. International Conference on Document Analysis and …

  2. Markus Ebbecke; Majdi Ben Hadj Ali; Andreas Dengel

    Real time object detection, tracking and classification inmonocular image sequences of road traffic scenes

    In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Image Processing. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP-97), October 26-29, Santa …

  3. Bridging the Media Gap from the Gutenberg: World to Electronic Document Management Systems

    In: 1997 IEEE International Conference On Systems, Man, and Cybernetics - Computational Cybernetics and Simulation - Volume 4. IEEE International …

  4. Andreas Dengel; H. Meyer

    The Specialist Board - Ansätze zur Verarbeitung multimedialer Information

    In: IPK-Workshop Bildauswertung für Handel, Banken und Behörden. IPK-Workshops, 2/1997.

  5. Andreas Dengel; Rainer Hoch; Frank Hönes; Michael Malburg; Achim Weigel

    Techniques for Improving OCR Results

    In: P. S. P. Wang; H. Bunke (Hrsg.). Handbook on Character Recognition and Document Image Analysis. Pages 227-258, World Scientific Publ. Comp. 1997.

  6. Die Rolle von Papierdokumenten und deren Verarbeitung im Informationszeitalter

    In: Andreas Dengel; H. Schröter (Hrsg.). Modernisierung der Arbeit - Rahmen für Technik, Organisation und Kompetenz. Pages 140-162, Talheimer Verlag, …

  7. Wissensbasierte Dokumentanalyse

    In: Alcatel SEL Stiftung für Kommunikationsforschung, Pages 5-9, 10/1997.

  8. Clarification Dialogues as Measure to Increase Robustness in a Spoken Dialogue System

    In: Proceedings of the ACL-97 Workshop "Interactive Spoken Dialog Systems: Bringing Speech and NLP Together in Real Applications". ACL/EACL Workshop …

  9. Insights into the Dialogue Processing of Verbmobil

    In: Proceedings of the Fifth Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing. Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing, March 31 - April 3, …