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  1. Andreas Dengel; Andreas Lauer; Jürgen Lichter; Michael Malburg; Heiko Maus; Tino Sarodnik; Claudia Wenzel

    Abschlußbericht VirtualOffice

    BMBF, DFKI Final Reports (FR), Vol. 1, 2000.

  2. Ansgar Bernardi; John Domingue; Marek Hatala; Paul Mulholland; Zdenek Zdrahal

    Supporting Organizational Learning by Enriching Representations of Work: The ENRICH methodology and its tool support

    In: KnowTech 2000 - Knowledge Engineering, Management, Consulting & Training. International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge …

  3. Stefan Agne; Markus Rogger; Jörg Rohrschneider

    Benchmarking of Document Page Segmentation

    In: Daniel P. Lopresti; Jiangying Zhou (Hrsg.). Document and Recognition and Retrieval VII. SPIE Conference on Document Recognition and Retrieval …

  4. Jörg Siekmann; Christoph Benzmüller; Armin Fiedler; Andreas Franke; Helmut Horacek; Paul Libbrecht; Michael Kohlhase; Andreas Meier; Erica Melis; Martin Pollet; Volker Sorge; Carsten Ullrich; Jürgen Zimmer

    Adaptive Course Generation and Presentation

    In: P. Brusilovski (Hrsg.). Proceedings of ITS-2000 workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Web-Based Education Systems. ACM International Conference on …

  5. Hans Hagen; Henning Barthel; Achim Ebert; Andreas Divivier; Michael Bender

    MacVis - A System Architecture for Intelligent Component-based Visualization

    In: Proceedings Workshop on New Paradigms in Information Visualization and Manipulation. Workshop on New Paradigms in Information Visualization and …

  6. Adapting HPSG-to-TAG compilation to wide-coverage grammars

    In: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Tree-Adjoining Grammars and Related Formalisms (TAG+5). Colloque International sur les Grammaires …

  7. Martin Bertram; M. A. Duchaineau; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy

    Wavelets defined on planar tesselations

    In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Imaging Science, Systems, and Technology (CISST 2000), Las Vegas, CSREA Press, 2000. International …

  8. Martin Bertram; M. A. Duchaineau; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy

    Bicubic subdivision-surface wavelets for large-scale isosurface representation and visualization

    In: Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2000. IEEE Visualization Conference (IEEE Vis), Pages 389-396, 2000.

  9. Martin Bertram; James C. Barnes; Bernd Hamann; Kenneth I. Joy; Helmut Pottmann; Dilinur Wushour

    Piecewise optimal triangulation for the approximation of scattered data in the plane

    In: Computer Aided Geometric Design, Vol. 17, No. 8, Pages 767-787, Elsevier, 2000.

  10. Peter Dannenmann; W. Busch

    Vehicle Health Management at DaimlerChrysler Aerospace

    In: Proceedings of the Spring 2000 Conference of the Aerospace Technology Working Group, Huntington Beach, California, USA, May 15-19, 2000. Spring …