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  1. Bernhard Nebel; Hans-Jürgen Bürckert

    Reasoning About Temporal Relations: A Maximal Tractable Subclass of Allen's Interval Algebra

    In: Proceedings of 12th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-94), 12th, July 31 - August …

  2. About the Logical Partitioning of Document Images

    In: Proceedings of SDAIR'94. Annual Symposium on Document Analysis and Information Retrieval (SDAIR-94), 3rd, April 11-13, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Pages …

  3. Andreas Dengel; Rainer Bleisinger; Rainer Hoch; Frank Hönes; Michael Malburg; Frank Fein

    OfficeMAID - A System for Automatic Mail Analysis, Interpretation and Delivery

    In: Proceedings of DAS'94. IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS-94), October 18-20, Kaiserslautern, Germany, Pages 253-276, …

  4. Andreas Dengel; Rainer Hoch; Hans-Günther Hein

    ALV: Lesende Systeme für die Unterstützung von Bürovorgängen

    In: Statusseminar des BMFT "Künstliche Intelligenz". Statusseminar des BMFT, April 27-28, Berlin, Germany, Pages 349-362, DLR, 4/1994.

  5. Künstliche Intelligenz

    Meyer's Forum, B.I.-Wissenschaftsverlag, F.A. Brockhaus, 1994.

  6. Andreas Dengel; Larry Spitz (Hrsg.)

    Proceedings of DAS'94

    IAPR International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS-94), October 18-20, Kaiserslautern, Germany, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 94-13, …

  7. Paul Buitelaar; Anne-Marie Mineur

    Coercion and Compositionality in Categorial Grammar

    In: P. Dekker; M. Stokhof (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 9th Amsterdam Colloquium. Amsterdam Colloquium, December 14-17, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Pages …

  8. Lorna Balkan; Klaus Netter; Doug Arnold; Siety Meijer

    TNSLP - Test Suites for Language Processing

    In: CEC Language Engineering Convention. CEC Language Engineering Convention, July 6-7, Paris, France, Actes du journées du génie linguistique, ISBN …

  9. Rolf Backofen; Stephan Busemann; Abdel Kader Diagne; Elizabeth Hinkelman; Walter Kasper; Bernd Kiefer; Hans-Ulrich Krieger; Klaus Netter; Günter Neumann; Stephan Oepen; Stephen P. Spackman; Hans Uszkoreit

    Abschlussbericht: DISCO - Dialogsystem für autonome kooperierende Agenten

    DFKI, Abschlussbericht, Vol. R:S95-060, 1994.

  10. Tania Avgustinova

    On Bulgarian Verb Clitics

    In: Journal of Slavic Linguistics, Vol. 2, No. 1, Pages 29-47, Slavica Publishers, 1994.