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  1. Christoph Lipps; Sachinkumar Bavikatti Malikarjun; Mathias Strufe; Christopher Heinz; Christoph Grimm; Hans Dieter Schotten

    Keep Private Networks Private: Secure Channel-PUFs, and Physical Layer Security by Linear Regression Enhanced Channel Profiles

    In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security. International Conference on Data Intelligence and Security …

  2. Susanne Boll; Klemens Budde; Michael Jochem; Jochen Bauer; Elsa Andrea Kirchner; u.v.m.

    GAIA-X: A Pitch Towards Europe Statusbericht zu Anwenderökosystemen und -anforderungen

    Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi), PRpetuum GmbH, München, 6/2020.

  3. Max Leimkühler; Laura Gravemeier; Tim Biester; Oliver Thomas

    Deep learning object detection as an assistance system for complex image labeling tasks

    In: Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-2021), A …

  4. Alexander Beuther; Peter Fettke; Vanessa Just; Andreas Riedl

    KI-Einsatz für Effizienzgewinne bei Benchmarkstudien im Bereich Transfer Pricing

    In: Mathias Hildebrandt; Christian Kaeser (Hrsg.). beck.digitax (beck.digitax), Vol. 5, Pages 316-323, C.H.Beck, 12/2020.

  5. Explainable Process Predictions (xPP): A Holistic Framework and Applications

    In: Claudio Di Ciccio; Benoît Depaire; Jochen De Weerdt; Chiara Di Francescomarino; Jorge Munoz-Gama (Hrsg.). ICPM 2020. International Conference on …

  6. Local Post-Hoc Explanations for Predictive Process Monitoring in Manufacturing

    In: ECIS 2021 - 29th European Conference on Information System. European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS-2021), 29th, June 14-16, Marrakech, …

  7. Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Process Mining: A General Overview and Application of a Novel Local Explanation Approach for Predictive Process Monitoring

    In: Witold Pedrycz; Shyi-Ming Chen (Hrsg.). Interpretable Artificial Intelligence: A Perspective of Granular Computing. Chapter 1, Pages 1-28, Vol. …

  8. Adrian Rebmann; Peter Fettke; Jana-Rebecca Rehse; Mira Pinter; Marius Schnaubelt; Kevin Daun

    IoT-Based Activity Recognition for Process Assistance in Human-Robot Disaster Response

    In: Dirk Fahland; Chiara Ghidini; Jörg Becker; Marlon Dumas (Hrsg.). International Conference on Business Process Management. Business Process …

  9. Prescriptive process analytics with deep learning and explainable artificial intelligence

    In: Twenty-Eighth European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS2020) - A Virtual AIS Conference. European Conference on Information Systems …

  10. Der TaxTech-Würfel und das TaxTech-Haus zur digitalen Transformation der Steuerfunktion

    In: Carmen Bachmann; Peter H. J. Essers; Andreas Hoyer; Robert Risse; Roman Seer (Hrsg.). Tax & Legal Excellence (TLE), Vol. 4, Page 1, TLE, 2/2020.