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  1. Franz Schmalhofer; J. Stuart Aitken; Lyle E. Bourne jr.

    Beyond the Knowledge Level: Descriptions of Rational Behavior for Sharing and Reuse

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 94-05, 1994.

  2. Gert Smolka

    A Calculus for Higher-Order Concurrent Constraint Programming with Deep Guards

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 94-03, 1994.

  3. Elisabeth Andre; Thomas Rist

    Von Textgeneratoren zu Intellimedia-Präsentationssystemen

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 94-02, 1994.

  4. Elisabeth Andre; Thomas Rist

    Multimedia Presentations: The Support of Passive and Active Viewing

    DFKI, DFKI Research Reports (RR), Vol. 94-01, 1994.

  5. Stephan Oepen

    German Nominal Syntax in HPSG - On Syntactic Categories and Syntagmatic Relations -

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 94-15, 1994.

  6. Franz Baader; Martin Buchheit; M.A. Jeusfeld; Werner Nutt (Hrsg.)

    Working Notes of the KI'94 Workshop: KRDB'94 - Reasoning about Structured Objects: Knowledge Representation Meets Databases

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 94-11, 1994.

  7. Franz Baader; M. Lenzerini; Werner Nutt; P.F. Patel-Schneider (Hrsg.)

    Working Notes of the 1994 International Workshop on Description Logics

    This collection of papers forms the permanent record of the 1994 International Workshop on Description Logics, that was held at the Gustav Stresemann …

  8. Technical Staff

    DFKI Wissenschaftlich-Technischer Jahresbericht 1993

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 94-09, 1994.

  9. Harald Feibel

    IGLOO 1.0 - Eine grafikunterstützte Beweisentwicklungsumgebung

    DFKI, DFKI Documents (D), Vol. 94-08, 1994.