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  1. Andrew D. Bagdanov; Bertin Klein (Hrsg.)

    Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Document Layout Interpretation and its Applications (DLIA)

    Document Layout Interpretation and its Applications (DLIA), 2003.

  2. Sven Schwarz; Thomas Roth-Berghofer

    Towards Goal Elicitation by User Observation

    In: Andreas Hotho; Gerd Stumme (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the LLWA 2003. LLWA, Karlsruhe, Pages 224-228, GI, 10/2003.

  3. Leo Sauermann

    The Gnowsis-Using Semantic Web Technologies to build a Semantic Desktop

    Mastersthesis, Technical University of Vienna, 2003.

  4. Antonio Sanfilippo; Ansgar Bernardi; Ludger van Elst; Luis Sánchez Fernández; Michael Sintek

    Integrating Ontologies for Semantic Web Applications

    In: International Roadmap for Language Resources. ENABLER/ELSNET Workshop, Paris, France, Pages 28-29, 9/2003.

  5. Otmar Adam; Dirk Werth; Fabrice Zangl

    Paneuropäische, integrierte Verwaltungsdienstleistungen in Konzeption und Umsetzung

    In: Wirtschaftsinformatik 2003- Medien - Märkte - Mobilität. Vol. Band 1, Physica- Verlag, Dresden, 2003.

  6. Dirk Werth

    Future Research Directions

    In: Guijarro, L.: eGovernment Interoperability in the 2005-2010 horizon, European Commission, Brussels. eGovernment Interoperability, 2003.

  7. Otmar Adam; Dirk Werth; Fabrice Zangl

    Providing Pan-European Public Services by the use of Distributed Knowledge Repositories

    In: Proceedings zur 4th working conference on Knowledge Management in Electronic Government (KMGov2003), Rhodes Island. Working Conference on …

  8. Otmar Adam; Dirk Werth; Fabrice Zangl

    Enabling Pan-European Interoperability for the InfoCitizen

    In: Proceedings zur ECEG 2003 in Dublin. European Conference on e-Government (ECEG), 7/2003.

  9. Otmar Adam; Dirk Werth; Fabrice Zangl

    Conceiving and Implementing Pan-European Integrated Public Services

    In: Proceedings zur EGOV 2003 (DEXA 2003) in Prag. International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), 9/2003.

  10. Florian Kupsch; Dirk Werth

    A Peer-to-Peer Approach for Business Integration

    In: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference MITIP 2003 "The Modern Information Technology in the Innovation Processes of the Industrial …