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  1. K. Heck; R. Pries; T. Wirth

    Simulative Study of the RTS/CTS Solution to the Hidden Node Problem in Infrastructure Wireless LANs

    In: 5th World Wireless Congress (WWC 04). World Wireless Congress (WWC), 2004.

  2. Markus Eich; M. Kemper; S. Fatikow

    A Navigation System Concept for an Indoor Micro Air Vehicle

    In: First European Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition. European Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition, Vol. 0, 2004.

  3. August-Wilhelm Scheer; Dirk Werth; Timo Kahl; Gunnar Martin

    Lösungen für das Unternehmen von morgen - Next Generation Business

    In: IM - Fachzeitschrift für Information Management & Consulting, 2004.

  4. Grigori Melnik; Harald Holz (Hrsg.)

    Advances in Learning Software Organizations, 6th International Workshop, LSO 2004, Banff, Canada, June 20-21, 2004

    International Workshop on Learning Software Organizations (LSO), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 3096, Springer, 2004.

  5. Gregor Büchel; Bertin Klein; Thomas Roth-Berghofer (Hrsg.)

    First International Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics

    International Workshop on Philosophy and Informatics, 2004.

  6. S. Marinai; Andreas Dengel

    Document Analysis VI

    Vol. Proceedings 6th Inter’l Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (D, Springer Publ. 9/2004.

  7. Sandra Zilles

    Separation of uniform learning classes

    In: Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), Vol. 313, Pages 229-265, 2004.

  8. Shankar Vembu; Stephan Baumann

    A Self-Organizing Map Based Knowledge Discovery for Music Recommendation Systems

    In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval, Esbjerg, Denmark. International Symposium on Computer …