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  1. Bruce McLaren; S. Isotani

    When is it best to learn with all worked examples?

    In: Gautam Biswas; Susan Bull; Judy Kay; Antonija Mitrovic (Hrsg.). Artificial Intelligence in Education; Proceedings of the 15th International …

  2. Bruce McLaren; Kevin D. Ashley

    Can temporal representation and reasoning make a difference in automated legal reasoning? Lessons from an AI-based ethical reasoner

    In: Kevin Ashley; Tom van Engers (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law. International …

  3. H. Luo; Rui-Min Shen; C. Niu; Carsten Ullrich

    Learning Class-relevant Features and Class-irrelevant Features via a Hybrid third-order RBM.

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics. International Conference on Artificial …

  4. F. Loll; N. Pinkwart; Oliver. Scheuer; Bruce M McLaren

    Developing collaborative argumentation systems: What advice do the experts have? 

    In: H. Spada; G. Stahl; N. Miyake; N. Law (Hrsg.). Conference Proceedings. Volume II - Short Papers & Posters. International Conference on Computer …

  5. Miner Liang

    Supporting E-textbook Adaptive Navigation with Semantic Zooming and Learning Path Visualization

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium at the 6th European Conference of Technology Enhanced Learning. European Conference on …

  6. R. Lehmann; F. Stute; M. Hornberger; A. Simon; Martin Haag; J. Meyburg; K. Tegtmeyer; B. Tönshoff; G.F. Hoffmann; S. Huwendiek

    Interprofessional Blended Learning with Virtual Patients and Practical Training to Improve Pediatric Emergency Care.

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Abstract Book. Research in Medical Education (RIME), Tübingen, Germany, Vol. Abstract Nr.UU-6.5, 2011.

  7. R. Lehmann; A. Simon; F. Stute; M. Hornberger; Martin Haag; J. Meyburg; K. Tegtmeyer; B. Tönshoff; G.F. Hoffmann; S. Huwendiek

    Development of an inter-professional educational course utilising virtual patients and practical skills training for advanced pediatric emergency training: Step II – pilot study of course design.

    In: Abstract Book. Association for Medical Education in Europe Annual Conference (AMEE-2011), August 27-31, Wien, Austria, Page 452, No. 10X17, …

  8. S. Isotani; D. Adams; R.E. Mayer; K. Durkin; B. Rittle-Johnson; Bruce M. McLaren

    Can erroneous examples help middle-school students learn decimals?

    In: Carlos Delgado Kloos; Denis Gillet; Martin Wolpers; Fridolin Wild; Raquel M. Crespo García (Hrsg.). Accepted for full paper presentation at the …

  9. S. Huwendiek; S. Oberle; B. Hanebeck; R. Lehmann; A. Simon; C. Harter; R. Nawrotzki; S. Titz; C. Roggenhofer; S. Huber; F. Hess; J. Heid; J. Stiepak; S. Schiessling; M. Kadmon; E. Koch; M. Roos; J. Thum; G.F. Hoffmann; T. Steiner; F. Resch; Martin Haag; B Tönshoff

    The Heidelberg Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Virtual Patients Project to Foster Clinical Reasoning: Results So Far.

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Abstract Book. Research in Medical Education (RIME), Tübingen, Germany, No. Abstract II-6.2, 2011.

  10. F. Hess; S. Huber; J. Heid; B. de Leng; Huwendiek S.; Martin Haag

    Entwicklung und Einsatz eines Tools zur Erstellung interaktiver Videos für Virtuelle Patienten.

    In: 56. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für …