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  1. S. Govaerts; K. Verbert; D. Dahrendorf; Carsten Ullrich; M. Schmidt; M. Werkle; A. Chatterjee; A. Nussbaumer; D. Renzel; M. Scheffel; M. Friedrich; J. L. Santos; E. Duval; E. L.-C. Law

    Towards responsive open learning environments: the ROLE interoperability framework.

    In: Carlos Delgado Kloos; Denis Gillet; Raquel M. Crespo García; Fridolin Wild; Martin Wolpers (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference …

  2. Giorgi Goguadze; Sergey Sosnovsky; Bruce M. McLaren; S. Isotani

    Towards a bayesian student model for detecting decimal misconceptions.

    In: Tsukasa Hirashima; Gautum BISWAS; Thepchai SUPNITHI; Fu-Yun YU (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Computers in …

  3. Georg Goguadze; Eric Andrès; J. Jeuring; B. Heeren

    Generation of Interactive Exercises Using Domain Reasoners

    In: o.A. (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning for Mathematics and Science (TELMAS). Technology Enhanced Learning for …

  4. Toby Dragon; S. Gutierrez-Santos; M. Mavrikis; Bruce M. McLaren

    Analysing and Supporting Students; Interactions in Synthesized Learning Environments: A Case Study with a Microworld and a Discussion Tool.

    In: Proceedings of the Workshop on Technology Enhanced Learning for Mathematics and Science (TELMAS), hosted in conjunction with the Sixth European …

  5. Josef Burgard

    Strategies, tools and practical examples to support cooperation between enterprises and schools to stimulate MINT interest.

    In: Proceedings of the 6th IRDO International Conference Social Responsibility and Current Challenges 2011. IRDO International Conference Social …

  6. Giorgi Goguadze; Sergey Sosnovsky; BruceM. McLaren; S. Isotani

    Evaluating a bayesian student model of decimal misconceptions. 

    In: M. Pechenizkiy; T. Calders; C. Conati; S. Ventura; C. Romero; J. Stamper (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Educational …

  7. Heng Luo; Rui Min Shen; Changyong Niu; Carsten Ullrich

    Sparse Group Restricted Boltzmann Machines

    In: W. Burgard; D. Roth (Hrsg.). Proceedings of the Twenty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence. AAAI Conference on Artificial …

  8. Josef Burgard

    Bestandsaufnahme Bildungsberatung

    In: BMBF (Hrsg.). Magazin für das Programm "Lernen vor Ort" - Werkstattbericht Bildungsberatung, Vol. unbekannt, Page 15, DLR Bonn, 2011.

  9. X. Tan; Carsten Ullrich; Rui-Min Shen

    From Europe to China: Adapting Courseware Generation to a Different Educational Context.

    In: Sabine Graf; Fuhua Kinshuk; Rory McGreal (Hrsg.). Intelligent and Adaptive Learning Systems: Technology Enhanced Support for Learners and …

  10. Christoph Igel; Roberta Sturm; Patrick Walther

    Learn & Go: Mobile Learning Management auf Basis von Webservices.

    In: IM - Fachzeitschrift für Information Management & Consulting, Vol. 4, Pages 80-84, 2011.