Agents and Simulated Reality


Hocheffiziente und sensorakkurate Simulation von Radarsystemen

HUSSAR aims at adapting existing methods from ray-based Monte Carlo simulations of visible wavelengths for radar and implementing them in a prototype. The focus of the project is to create a solid...

Horizontally scalable, Multipurpose execution Environment

HorME creates an abstract programming model that is supported by a corresponding execution environment. This allows complex tasks and their execution criteria to be encoded without having to consider...

Plattform für kontextsensitive, intelligente und vorausschauende Smart Living Services

Die ForeSight-Projektidee ist aus der Wirtschaftsinitiative Smart Living entstanden. Das Ziel des Projekts ist es, mithilfe einer angestrebten ForeSight-Plattform einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur...

End-to-end Digital Integration based on Modular Simulation of Natural Human Motions

This Project brings KI into the Assembly of Cars

Visualization and digital modeling activities are increasingly finding their place in the automotive industry as well as in a large number of different...

Global Illumination for Interactive Interior Design

The project "GloBiE - Global Illumination for Interactive Interior Design" aims to complement the ecosystem of configuration and planning tools from intelligentgraphics with several rendering support...

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