Institute for Information Systems


Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogenous Enterprise Networks and their Applications

One of the trends in the global market is the increasing collaboration among enterprises. Organisations are transforming themselves into "networked organisations" in order to increase their...

Network of Excellence in Professional Learning

PROLEARN is a Network of Excellence financed by the IST (Information Society Technology) programme of the European commission dealing with technology enhanced professional learning. Our mission is to...

Referenzarchitektur für E-Government

(Projektbeschreibung Englisch)


TU Chemnitz;

NHConsult GmbH;

Regierungspräsidium Leipzig;

Projektträger im DLR;


Referenzmodellierung 2006

The aim of the project RefMod06 is to develop a modeling technique for small and medium software companies to derive, administer and further develop customer-specific variants from existing reference...

Architektur Kollaborativer Szenarien

The research project ArKoS deals with the development of an architecture for the management of collaborative scenarios consisting of methods, a tool support and an integration platform.


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