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Architektur Kollaborativer Szenarien

The research project ArKoS deals with the development of an architecture for the management of collaborative scenarios consisting of methods, a tool support and an integration platform.


Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Environment

The objective of the project P2E2 - Peer-to-Peer Enterprise Environment is the creation of an integrated framework and the development of a softwsare environment for the systematic design, management...

Virtual Workplace for the Management of Enterprise Resources

The success of enterprises depends on their ability to manage scarce sources effectively. The management of business resources such as time, area and in particular knowledge is often still paper-based...

Computer Aided Service Engineering Tool
Kompetenzzentrum für elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr (KEG) Saar

The Competence Center for Electronic Commerce (KEG) Saar is one of 22 nation-wide regional Competence Centers that have been sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA =...

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