Research Topics

Image Recognition & Understanding

Image and pattern recognition techniques can be used to develop systems that not only analyze and understand individual images, but also recognize complex patterns and behaviors in multimedia content such as videos. By using deep learning technologies, training data can be generated for learning systems or valuable information can be obtained from optical sensors for various applications.


A European network, which aims to develop human-centered AI with ethical values, has been launched under the leadership of DFKI. 

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Millions of tons of plastic are floating in the oceans, threatening the ecosystem and mankind on an increasing scale. Especially countries in South...

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In Germany, more than 9,000 corneal transplantations are performed annually. Despite strict quality criteria, about 4-5% of the transplants show...

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SmartRecycling - AI and Robotics for a sustainable circular economy


Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI)

Institut für Energie und Kreislaufwirtschaft an der Hochschule Bremen GmbH

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg...

Artificial Intelligence and advanced big Data Analytics for Law Enforcement Agencies

The ambition of the project INFINITY is to become a flagship project against society’s most pressing cybercriminal, terrorist and hybrid threats. Synthesising the latest innovations in virtual and...

Künstliche Intelligenz mit Erdbeobachtungs- und Multi-Source Geodaten für das Infrastruktur-, Naturschutz und Waldmonitoring

Remote sensing data from various space missions as well as geodata on the state of the environment are increasingly available free of charge in immense quantities.At the same time, social media...

Artificial intelligence records plastic pollution of rivers in Cambodia and Myanmar

Latest research results indicate that most of the plastic waste is transported via waterways of more than 100 km², making rivers to the main routes for plastic waste to the oceans. This has prompted...

Artificial intelligence records plastic pollution of rivers in the Philippines

The Philippines has the third highest rate of incorrectly disposed plastic waste in the world. The greater Manila area is severely affected by the increased risk of flooding and the accumulation of...

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