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IT Security

More and more challenging tasks are supported or controlled by IT systems. This ongoing digitalisation is accompanied by an increased risk of cyber attacks, data theft and other manipulations. This places ever higher demands on the security, stability and reliability of systems. Like the secure modelling of suitable tools, verification and certified testing are of equal importance.


08 - 10 October, Hannover Exhibition Center. DFKI is partner of this year's 5G CMM Conference.

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Das Grundprinzip intelligenter Wohnumgebungen ist es, technische Systeme überall dort im Haus zu installieren, wo sie gebraucht werden. Allerdings...

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Computer systems need to be checked for correctness prior to market launch. However, because of time constraints and the complexity of today's...

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SeCuRe and Agile Connected Things

The development and operation of secure, large-scale IoT systems is difficult. Technological platforms providing the necessary building blocks to integrate devices and backbone logic exist, but do not...

Scalable Security Architectures for Commercial Workflows in German Harbours

Modern sea as well as domestic ports are more and more controlled by IT-systems. Each of the players involved in port operations (like terminal operator, shipping companies, forwarder, port...

Standardisierung der Geobox-Infrastruktur - Dezentrale Datenhaltung und regionale Vernetzung



  • Technische Universität Dortmund (TU Dortmund)
  • Kuratorium für Technik und Bauwesen in der Landwirtschaft e.V. (KTBL Darmstadt)
  • Dienstleistungszentrum Ländlicher Raum...

Das Projekt Daten-Souveränitäts-Manager (DaSoMan) wird Nutzern von Web-Diensten vollständige Kontrolle über seine personenbezogenen Daten gewähren. GleichzeitigsollAnbieternbzw. Entwicklernvon...

Design Automation Tool for Complex Electronic Systems

In order to design systems efficiently, the correct and safe functioning of the entire system has to be ensured as early as possible in the design phase. In addition it is necessary to consider both,...

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