Research Topics

Sensors & Networks

A growing network of embedded and autonomous systems surrounds our everyday lives – from smartphones and automobiles to medical technology and cloud computing. With the increasing complexity of sensory systems, requirements are growing in terms of performance, security, accuracy and reliability.


A European network, which aims to develop human-centered AI with ethical values, has been launched under the leadership of DFKI. 

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Green light for an environmentally friendly future: After the delay of the second Greentech Festival due to the Corona virus, the event previously...

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In the project “KITOS - Artificial Intelligence for TSN for Optimization and Fault Detection” scientists and engineers are working together on...

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Adaptive software framework for context-sensitive, intuitive man-machine-interaction

The aim of project "KiMMI SF" is the development of a software framework for flexible and context-optimized man-machine-interaction. On the one hand, this shall offer online reconfigurable data...

SocialWear - Socially Interactive Smart Fashion

Im Bereich Wearable Computing liegt der Schwerpunkt traditionell auf der Verwendung Kleidungsstücke als Plattformen für das On-Body-Sensing. Die Funktionalität solcher Systeme wird durch Abtastung und...

Scalable adaptive production systems through AI-based resilience optimization

The innovation competition "Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Economically Relevant Ecosystems" (AI Innovation Competition) of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) is a...

Künstliche Intelligenz zur dynamischen Optimierung des Netzwerkmanagements

The overall goal is to provide industrial networks with the necessary dynamics and methods for self-healing and self-optimization in order to generate the necessary agility and reliability that future...

AdaMeKoR project part: Robotic arm assistance system and integrated robotic concepts for patient transfer

The overall objective of AdaMeKoR is the development of an adaptive and multifunctional motorized bed with robotic arm system for use in nursing.

For this purpose, sensor components are developed,...

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