DFKI Fellows

The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence awards the title of 'DFKI Fellow' to people who rendered outstanding services to the DFKI.


DFKI Fellow Prof. Markus Gross

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Prof. Dr. Markus Gross (ETH Zürich
and former Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of DFKI,
SAB). DFKI Saarbrücken, 19.February 2018


Prof. Dr. Alan Bundy
Prof. Dr. Alan Bundy, Professor of Automated Reasoning in the School of
Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster.
DFKI Bremen, September 29, 2015



Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Prof. Dr. Horst Bunke (Universität Bern
and former Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of DFKI,
SAB), DFKI Kaiserslautern, 29.09.2014 


Prof. Dr. Jörg Siekmann 

Dr. Walter Olthoff, Prof. Dr. Jörg Siekmann, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, 
DFKI, Kaiserslautern, September 13, 2013


 Prof. Dr. Nick Jennings
Prof. Dr. Nick Jennings, Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK Government und
Professor for Computer Science an der School of Electronics and Com-
puter Science, Southampton University, February 6, 2012


v.l. Dr. Dieter Hutter, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster, Prof. Dr. Manfred Broy
(Technische Universität München), Dr. habil. Werner Stephan,
Prof. Dr. Jörg Siekmann, Dr. Walter Olthoff, November 20, 2006



(In Memoriam) Prof. Dr. Bernd Reuse, BMBF, September 22, 2006



Prof. Dr. Bernd Neumann, Hamburg University, April 3, 2006

Prof. Dr. Erik Sandewall, Linköping University, Schweden, April 9, 2003

Prof. Dr. Jaime Carbonell, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA,
February 18, 2003

Prof. Dr. Peter Deussen, Karslruhe University, Februar 18, 2003

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Barth, Dresdner Bank AG, in Frankfurt, November 28, 2000

Prof. Dr. Gerd Smolka,
Saarland University,
Saarbrücken, March 2, 1999

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Heinz G. Schwärtzel, Siemens AG in München, July 2, 1998

Prof. Dr. Robert A Kowalski, Imperial College in London, England, March 31, 1998