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Florian Groen

Address (Saarbrücken)


Dusan Dokic; Florian Groen in't Woud; Wolfgang Maaß

In: Proceedings of the 57th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-2024), Digital Innovation for a Sustainable Economy, January 3-6, Waikiki, HI, USA, ScholarSpace, 1/2024.

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Hannah Stein; Florian Groen in't Woud; Michael Holuch; Dominic Mulryan; Thomas Froese; Lennard Holst

In: Mareike Rohde; Johannes Mock; Matthias Bürger; Kristina Peneva (Hrsg.). Datenwirtschaft und Datentechnologie - Wie aus Daten Wert entsteht. Chapter 6, Springer, 11/2022.

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