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Head of the Research Department Intelligent Networks

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Dieter Schotten


Wei Jiang; Hans Dieter Schotten

In: Proceedings of the 2023 IEEE Global Communications Conference. IEEE Global Communications Conference (Globecom-2023), December 4-8, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, IEEE, 12/2023.

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Wei Jiang; Hans Dieter Schotten

In: IEEE ICCC. IEEE International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC-2023), December 8-11, Chengdu, China, IEEE, 12/2023.

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Wei Jiang; Hans Dieter Schotten

In: Proceedings of the IEEE 2023 International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications. IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC-2023), 6G The Next Horizon - From Connected People and Things to Connected Intelligence, September 5-8, Toronto, ON, Canada, IEEE, 9/2023.

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Short Biography

Hans Schotten is Scientific Director of the Intelligent Networks Research Department at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and holds the Chair for Radio Communication and Navigation at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (TUK). He is chairman of the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) and member of the board of the “Verband der Elektrotechnik” (VDE, Association of Electrical Engineering).

Within the scope of his research, Professor Schotten deals with mobile communication technologies and radio communication and develops new security technologies and communication infrastructures for industry.

1984 – 1990  Study of Electrical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University
1990 – 1999  Research Assistant at the Chair of Communications Engineering (Prof. Lüke) at the RWTH Aachen University
1997  PhD as Doctor of Engineering
1999 – 2003  Ericsson Eurolab Deutschland GmbH, Nürnberg. Senior Researcher, Ericsson Corporate Research
2003 – 2007  Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH, Nürnberg. Research Coordinator, Qualcomm Europe, and Director, Technical Standards
2007 – today  Professor of Radio Communication and Navigation, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
2012 – today  Scientific Director, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, and Head of the “Intelligent Networks” Research Department
2013 – 2014  Dean, Departement of Electrical Engineering, University of Kaiserslautern
2018 – today  Chairman of the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) and member of the executive board of the Verband der Elektrotechnik (VDE)

Advisor and Expert to several international companies, the German Federal Court and the International Chamber of Commerce

Main areas of expertise

  • Mobile communications, in particular, 5G design
  • Industrial communication solutions and wireless automation
  • Security in industry 4.0
  • Communication solutions for automotive and railway
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