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Lukas Malburg, M.Sc.


Alexander Schultheis; Maximilian Hoffmann; Lukas Malburg; Ralph Bergmann

In: Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development - 31st International Conference, ICCBR 2023, Aberdeen, Scotland, July 17-20, 2023, Proceedings. International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR-2023), July 17-20, Pages 53-68, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 14141, Springer, 7/2023.

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Lukas Malburg; Maximilian Hoffmann; Ralph Bergmann

In: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Vol. 61, No. 1, Pages 83-111, Springer, 2023.

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Lukas Malburg; Florian Brand; Ralph Bergmann

In: Tiago Prince Sales; Henderik A. Proper; Giancarlo Guizzardi; Marco Montali; Fabrizio Maria Maggi; Claudenir M. Fonseca (Hrsg.). Enterprise Design, Operations, and Computing (EDOC) Workshops 2022. Enterprise Distributed Object Computing (EDOC-2022), October 3-7, Bozen, Italy, Pages 79-95, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Vol. 466, Springer, 2023.

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