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Michael Johannes Barz, M.Sc.

Organizational unit Interactive Machine Learning
Contact +49 681 85775 4819 (Saarbrücken)

Address (Saarbrücken) Gebäude D3 1Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3D-66123 Saarbrücken


Michael Barz; Panagiotis Karagiannis; Johan Kildal; Andoni Rivera Pinto; Judit Ruiz de Munain; Jesús Rosel; Maria Madarieta; Konstantina Salagianni; Panagiotis Aivaliotis; Sotiris Makris; Daniel Sonntag

In: Mohammad-Reza Alam; Madjid Fathi (Hrsg.). Integrated Systems: Innovations and Applications: Results of the 8th International Conference on Integrated Systems Design and Technology (ISDT 2023). Pages 1-16, ISBN 3031536517, Springer, 2024.

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Christoph Albert Johns; Michael Barz; Daniel Sonntag

In: Dietmar Seipel; Alexander Steen (Hrsg.). KI 2023: Advances in Artificial Intelligence. German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI-2023), Berlin, Germany, Pages 75-89, ISBN 978-3-031-42608-7, Springer Nature Switzerland, Cham, 9/2023.

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Md Abdul Kadir; Abdulrahman Mohamed Selim; Michael Barz; Daniel Sonntag

In: Companion Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI-2023), March 27-31, Sydney, NSW, Australia, Pages 59-63, IUI'23 Companion, Vol. Companion Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, ISBN 9798400701078, Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, United States, 3/2023.

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