Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Keller

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F. Bergenti, C. Caceresz, A. Fernandenz, N. Fröhlicha, H. Helin, Oliver Keller, A. Kinnunen, Matthias Klusch, H. Laamanen, A. Lopez, S. Ossowski, M. Schumacher

In: Proceedings of the First European Conference on eHealth. European Conference on eHealth (ECEH-2006) 1st October 12-13 Fribourg Switzerland Pages 119-130 Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) 91 ISBN 978-3-88579-185-0 GI Edition 2006.

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COntinuous Multi-parametric and Multi-layered analysis Of DIabetes TYpe 1 & 2

In COMMODITY12 we will build a multi-layered multi-parametric infrastructure for continuous monitoring of diabetes type 1 and 2. The COMMODITY12 system will exploit multi-parametric data to provide…



Context-Aware Business Application Services Co-ordination in Mobile Computing Environments

The research project CASCOM will implement, validate, and trial value-added support for business services for mobile workers and users across mobile and fixed networks.

The project will deliver a…

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