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Felix Wiebe, Shivesh Kumar, Daniel Harnack, Malte Langosz, Hendrik Wöhrle, Frank Kirchner

In: William Holderbaum , J. M. Selig (editor). 2nd IMA Conference on Mathematics of Robotics. IMA Conference on Mathematics of Robotics (IMA-2022) September 8-10 London United Kingdom Springer Proceedings in Advanced Robotics ISBN 9783030913519 Springer International Publishing 1/2022.

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Human-Machine Interaction Modeling for Continuous Improvement of Robot Behavior

The current developments in digitalization, AI-based data processing, and powerful hardware lay the groundwork for

future embodied AI assistants. These intelligent robots must be versatile, adaptive…



Learning and Verifying Complex Behaviour of Humanoid Robots

The validation of systems based on deep learning for use in safety-critical applications proves to be inherently difficult, since their subsymbolic mode of operation does not provide adequate levels…


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