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DFKI at Hannover Messe 2022

EVAREST – Generation and exploitation of data products in production

Sovereign data trading and data analytics for AI-based decision making

Digitalization represents an opportunity for the food industry to realize efficiency gains through the utilization of both internal and external data. Data also has the potential to become a product itself with additional opportunities for utilization.

The goal of the EVAREST project is the development and utilization of data products in the food production ecosystem through smart services. On the basis of an open, technical data platform that transcends manufacturer boundaries, as well as accompanying economic and legal utilization concepts, the (legally) secure utilization of data as an economic asset and the provision of user-specific smart services for various stakeholder groups will be made possible.
The exhibit demonstrates a systemic approach that supports a data economy. A broker framework as a trusted third party enables sovereign trading, sharing and processing of data between economic actors in the context of data ecosystems.

Electronic contracts, thereby guarantee ownership and control of enterprise data assets by establishing usage rights, AI analysis methods, and uses of the data. The broker framework realizes a decentralized data exchange, as well as the joint AI-based analysis of data from different companies. Thus, new data products are created to support business actors in decision-making.

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