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Artificial Intelligence in Dialogue - 1st Congress in Oldenburg with Panel on AI and shortage of skilled workers

| Osnabrück / Oldenburg

What impact does artificial intelligence have on human dignity, freedom and sense of community? These and other questions will be the focus of the 1st transdisciplinary congress "HUMANE KI® - Mensch im Dilemma", which will take place on 2 and 3 June 2023 at the Alte Fleiwa in Oldenburg. The programme also includes a panel discussion with the participation of the DFKI on the topic: "Colleague AI - Is automation an answer to the shortage of skilled workers in science, business and culture?”


The organiser of the congress is the Institute for Psychology, Art and Society, IPKG e.V., a non-profit association chaired by Prof. Dr. Marc Schipper. The IPKG has invited experts from business, science, medicine, philosophy and art to speak and discuss the topics of society and ethics, health and care, art and aesthetics, and business.

Ralph Wilken, head of the Wirtschaftsförderung Oldenburg, will open the congress on Friday, 2 June, at 11 a.m. TV presenter Gabi Becker will guide through the two-day programme, which includes lectures, podcasts, performances and discussions. The special thing about this congress is that many disciplines come together to find a common solution that is accessible to all, says cognitive scientist and co-organiser of the congress, Prof. Dr. Marc Schipper. An Oldenburg AI Declaration is planned at the end of the congress on Saturday, 3 June.

The panel discussion with DFKI participation will take place on Friday, 2 June, from 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm. It will be moderated by Dr. Tabea Golgath, LINK – KI und Kultur, Stiftung Niedersachsen. The guiding questions include: How can we transform the still existing technological reticence of public discourse into an openness that critically and constructively understands innovation as part of the solution to current and growing societal problems? How can technical-scientific potential be socially demanded and promoted and focus on people? And how can very different sectors learn from each other and complement each other in tackling the great challenges of our time?

On the panel are:

  • Reinhard Karger, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Lars Mischak, Culture and Science, Dataport AöR
  • Dr. Lara C. Roll, Industrial and Organisational Psychology, KA Leuven & Algoright e.V.
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Heinemann, Institute for Health & Social Affairs, FOM Hochschule


The complete programme with all registration information can be found on the congress website:

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