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IDESSAI 2022 - Second Summer School on Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken

The series European Summer School on AI (IDESSAI 2022), organized by DFKI and Inria, will be continued this summer.

This year, Inria - Institut national de recherche en informatique et en automatique - and DFKI are again inviting about 100 PhD students to IDESSAI 2022. The Inria-DFKI European Summer School on AI will take place on the campus of Saarland University from Aug. 29  – Sep. 02, 2022. Exciting courses await participants on the topics of Trusted AI and Sustainable AI.

Track A: Trusted AI
The development of Deep Learning has transformed AI from a niche science into a socially relevant "mega-technology." At the same time, it raises several issues, such as the lack of internal representation of meaning (interpretability), sensitivity to changes in input (robustness), lack of transferability to unseen use cases (generalizability), potential discrimination and bias (fairness), and finally, Big Data hunger itself (data efficiency). Recently, a new overall approach to solving these problems has been pushed under the term "Trusted AI" or "Trustworthy AI." The Trusted AI track will cover the latest advances in this area.

Track B: Sustainable AI
Digital Europe and Green Deal - thinking together about the two megatrends of digitalization and sustainability is crucial. AI offers tremendous opportunities to help our society interact sustainably with nature. At the same time, the environmental impact of AI itself cannot be ignored. The Sustainable AI Track focuses on measuring these environmental impacts and developing resource-efficient AI technologies. It covers all levels of AI technology development, from AI algorithms and programming frameworks to hardware and compilation.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Philipp Slusallek

Executive Director DFKI Saarbrücken and Inria-Coordinator, DFKI

Dr. Anselm Blocher

Operative Coordinator for German-French AI Cooperation, DFKI

Press contact:

Heike Leonhard, M.A.

Corporate Communications, DFKI