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Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS

Applied Technology for Language-Aided CMS

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ATLAS is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme. Its main purpose is to facilitate the multilingual Web content development and management, in particular the authoring, versioning and maintenance of multilingual Web sites.Thus, the project solutions will not merely meet the needs of modern multilingual content management, but also create value for all users:

  • The software solutions built during the project reveal the true value, capabilities and power of several existing tools for web content management, multilingual versioning, and natural language processing by combining them in an innovative manner and offering the end results to the general public at no cost.
  • With i‑Librarian and i‑Publisher users can easily create, manage and publish multilingual content without installing and maintaining a standalone system. Nevertheless, they retain full control over their content regardless of whether it is in their private workspace, shared or published. EUDocLib provides easy and intuitive access to a vast collection of EU law documents.
  • The ATLAS platform is designed with extensibility in mind, which allows for easy addition of tools for currently unsupported languages as well as new tools for already supported languages.
  • Furthermore, ATLAS significantly reduces the time and efforts for content authoring and editing because it automatically categorizes, summarizes, annotates and translates documents regardless of their language and format. The software platform enables i-Librarian users to find the most essential texts from large document collections by displaying text summaries and extracted important phrases, words and names.
  • Finally, ATLAS improves content navigation by interlinking content items based on text annotations and by automatically placing the content items in appropriate subject categories.

The consortium will adjust and integrate several existing software components, assembling a platform for multilingual web content management called ATLAS, and a visualization layer called i‑Publisher, which adds to the platform a powerful web-based point-and-click tool for building, reusing and managing multilingual content-driven web sites. An instance of i‑Publisher will be made publicly available as an online service. i‑Publisher will also be used to build two thematic content-driven web sites – i‑Librarian and EUDocLib.


  • Tetracom Interactive Solutions Ltd. (Tetracom), Bulgaria
  • Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz GmbH (DFKI), Germany
  • Business Systems International SA (BSI), Greece
  • Institute for Bulgarian Language of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences IBL (DCL), Bulgaria
  • Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (ICS PAS), Poland
  • University of Hamburg (UHH), Germany
  • Faculty of Computer Science of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi (UAIC), Romania
  • University of Zadar (UniZD), Croatia
  • Institute of Technology and Development (ITD), Bulgaria


EU - European Union

EU - European Union