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Stereo Vision For Grasping by Humanoid Robot

Stereo Vision For Grasping by Humanoid Robot

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The project aims at improving the quality of interaction between a human and a domestic robot. One of the most important tasks of such a robot will be to grasp an object and to hold it out to the person or to grasp an object that is being held by the user. A stereovision head for the humanoid robot NAO will be developed. Based on this head, a functionality allowing the robot to grasp objects autonomously from the user’s hand will be realized. The innovations addressed in the GRASPY project are the development of an embedded stereovision system for a small humanoid robot, the avoidance of collisions with the fingers while grasping, and the detection of exactly the correct moment to release the object when it is being grasped by the user.


Aldebaran Robotics


EU - European Union


ECHORD – European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development

EU - European Union



A NAO robot grasps a cup – it needs some coffee!